Estée Lauder Turns the Internet Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I find it very inspiring that celebrities are used to make the world aware of the dangers of breast cancer, especially in women. Women tend to ignore their own health needs in favor of  vanity instead of taking care of themselves when it comes to breasts. Western civilizations has emphasized that breasts are what “make” a woman, and if she must have them removed, so goes her womanhood.

I have personally experienced my young friends dying from this horrible disease and have been saddened that they fought valiently to survive it, and yet were unable to overcome it. Awareness and education were not involved; they were tested for it, carried the genes for it, and lived as productive and meaningful lives as long as they could. The strength and positive attitudes that these brave women held are to be envied.

In “Communication About Health”  (DuPre p118), women felt  that “positive elements of communication” by their physicians was what mattered to them the most, along with honesty, encouragement and empowerment. Keeping distance was more alienating than helpful.

The video I found is a tribute to these women. The celebrities that are sponsored by the Estée Lauder group demonstrate that removing a breast to survive an unspeakable disease does not need to belittle or minimize the beauty of a woman internally or externally. Using beautiful models such as Elizabeth Hurley, who wears pink to express her awareness and proudly discusses her sponsorship of the fight, and William Lauder, sporting a pink tie, discusses his mother’s winning battle in this quick vie on youtube. Let’s support women with a pink ribbon!

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